How to use two water zinc sulfate supplements to animals


Zinc is a pig growth and maintain a healthy one of the necessary trace elements. 2 water zinc sulfate element in pigs is widely distributed in the body, most abundant in semen, liver, pancreas, muscle, gonad and second content of bones, the blood contains trace.

Zinc and protein in the body, can activate pituitary and gonadal hormones. Therefore, when the zinc content in pig feed is insufficient, or the supply of zinc can't satisfy the pig growth and development needs.

Will appear a series of deficiency, such as boars breeding ability; Serious influence on the performance of the pig breeding. Piglets lack of zinc, loss of appetite, growth retardation, skin inflammation, hair loss, skin surface area have more scale scabs and other deficiency.

Some and veterinary clinical practice many times of a specific treatment for pigs lack of zinc is roughly: in boars and piglet diet to fill 0.01% of zinc sulfate, can prevent the occurrence of the above phenomenon.


Should be minimum 0.2 mg per kilogram of feed, the second water zinc sulfate, or every 100 kilograms of dry feed in addition of zinc sulfate 10 grams, can guarantee the pig growth and breeding of need.

However, due to the material in the production practice, the antagonism between the improper raw materials selection, or raw materials production and processing is not appropriate, lead to the lack of zinc pig, and some may be feed of cross feeding.

To a certain stage of the feed or one kind of animal feed to another animal feeding, which can also cause related disease.

Venter, low chloride zinc sulfate products production by its low content of chlorine ion, oxidant double low residual low products, make the product itself is not easy to damp agglomerate, added to the premix premix is not easy to appear the phenomenon such as damp agglomerate discoloration.

Two water zinc sulfate content is higher than the national standard, and heavy metal content of lead, arsenic, cadmium, chloride ion detection value is far lower than the national standard.